The Super Human Fast Charity

The evolution of The Superman Fast mirrors the transformative journeys of its participants. Today, we proudly announce our transition into a charitable organisation – The Super Human Fast Charity. Our mission is to extend the principles of The Super Man Fast to the world, providing a platform for individuals to participate without financial constraints and be sponsored by friends, family, and supporters, fostering awareness about starvation.

Event Dates: 1st April – 10th (coinciding with Easter and Ramadan)
The Super Human Fast: 10 days (5 days water, 2 days juice, 2 days juice and (salad, fruit salad)
Creating a Revolutionary Superhuman Fast Charity to Combat World Hunger

The itinerary during the fast

This schedule is designed to make fasting a more exciting and enjoyable experience by incorporating different activities each day. The first five days of water fasting will help to detoxify the body and prepare for the rest of the fast. Days 6-7 will introduce juice fasting along with strength training and cardio to keep the body active. Days 8 & 9 will include a salad and fruit salad and add outdoor activities for mental and physical health. Finally, the 5K victory lap on the last day will give a sense of accomplishment and a chance to reflect on the journey, and finish it with a healthy and nourishing meal with friends and family.

Days of FastActivity
1 – 5Water fast with light cardio and daily circuit strength training
6 – 7Water and Juice fast with light cardio and daily circuit strength training
8 – 9Water, Juice, Salad and Fruit Salad with daily outdoor activities such as nature walks
10Finish like a champion with a 5K Victory Lap and celebrate with a healthy and nourishing meal with friends and family. Reflect on the progress and accomplishments during the fasting journey.

Why Your Donations Matter:

For the past four years, The Superman Fast has positively impacted lives globally, aiding in weight management and addressing deep-seated health issues through fasting. Initially, we charged $200 for this transformative experience, but our commitment to inclusivity has led us to evolve. We now aspire to share the life-changing rewards with everyone, unburdened by financial constraints.

Welcome to TSHF Charity – We Fast So You Can Eat:

We seek not only financial contributions but your active participation in a group fast. By donating, you become a vital part of our endeavor to establish and empower The Super Human Fast Charity.

Our Vision:

We aim to channel funds towards setting up the charity, with a vision to feed the homeless, support war-torn nations, and aid countries facing natural disasters. Through fasting, we believe we can make a profound impact, as every individual completing the fast earns the title “Superhuman.” TSHF embodies unity, sets an example, and strives to make a positive impact on our world.

Calling All Humans: It’s Time to Change Our World Together!

Donate and become an integral part of the solution. Join The Super Human Fast in making a difference.

We Fast So You Can Eat