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Healing communities through addiction and health.

We believe in bringing our world together because only by working together can we truly solve our problems. Teach and support one another to heal our addictions, our health, mental health, and body.

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Bringing people together to inspire and
improve the world.

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Supporting each other in overcoming addictions,
improving health, and promoting mental well-being.

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Whats Our Customer Saying?

I still can't believe that I've lost a stone after completing the @thesupermanfast. What I loved about this is that I learnt so much about myself and how when I put my mind to something I can achieve anything. I also love that it isn't a faddy diet it's a life style and about how we view and use food to fuel or abuse our bodies. Check out my blog for full breakdown.

SUPER TEAM! #TSMF The guys at TSMF made what could have been an uncomfortable situation, comfortable? It will remain an unforgettable experience, a journey into the understanding of food & self discovery that I recommend everyone should have… The time out I have given my body has not only made me feel & look better externally but also internally. Blessings!

I found this fast easier to manage than I expected. The group support was much appreciated and made it much better to accomplish. It didn’t get 5 stars from me because, personally I did not get the” cleanse” feeling and was not able to open my bowels. The Alkovenom and Turmeric mix takes a bit of getting used to.

I did a supermanfast after speaking to friends who had done it before. Long story short it was the best decision ive made, ive always struggled with weight and being generally always tired. This 13 day fast helped me in more ways than one, i lost 8kg and ive broken up bad habits i had before. No more caffeine in the morning, no more fizzy drinks, this was the kickstart i needed to start taking control of my body and mind. The one thing i can take from this journey is that food doesn’t control me, i’ve taken back control and now my relationship with food has completely changed. Thank you to the superman team, especially Hawks i will always be grateful x

First time faster Having never fasted before I was super scared of what to expect, how I would cope, if I could stick to it, but I had no need to be. The support and encouragement from the team got me through. It's not easy! It is worth it! It gives you so much more than losing a few pounds. It's a reset, Mind, Body and Soul. If you are looking for a reconnection to self and life change then this for you. #FinishLikeAChampion

Fantastic reset for mind & body! The superman fast has been an amazing re-set for me, both physically & mentally. It’s changed my relationship with food and brought about a greater awareness of how to properly fuel my body. Spiritually I’ve learned to listen to my body in a quite state and focus my free time (from not having to cook & prepare meals) on building that spiritual muscle. Post fasting my BMI is now in the healthy range and I’m delighted about the weight I have shifted due to the fast. I would highly recommend this fast for anyone that is able to do it.

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